I may have waited months before reading the latest Harry Potter book, but I didn’t waste anytime with the latest movie. Friday night I was again in Leicester Square for the opening of the Goblet of Fire, this time minus the fan-boy signs.

Minor Spoiler Alert
My Goblet of Fire Review
Although Goblet of Fire is probably the best HP movie thus far, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed when I left the theatre. My expectations for this movie were high: the 4th book was my favourite, the premiere had me all jacked up, and I was giddy like a school girl in anticipation. Maybe I wanted too much, but the movie didn’t fulfill all my deepest desires.

The movie is already long (2 1/2 hours + previews) but I would have been happy with another 30 minutes of film. They cut so much to squeeze the 4th book into a movie. I think 20 minutes into the movie they were already on Chapter 14. The World Cup of Quidditch was condensed into a 5 minute clip that didn’t show any quidditch, Leprechauns, or Vela. What!? A Harry Potter movie without quidditch! By far the biggest disappointment in my mind.

No mention of SPEW, Barty Crouch’s odd behaviour, Percy, or Winky either. Most of the movie was spent portraying the Tri-Wizard’s Tournament. That and all the teenage angst; the best part of the movie was seeing all the characters growing up and dealing with their hormones.

GoF is a more adult movie: it’s darker, hormonal, violent, and (believe it or not) sex-infused. Hogwarts no longer looks bright and magical, but rather gloomy and sinister. The kids are no longer cute and innocent, but on the pull looking to snog someone. There is no shortage of sexual innuendo, sex appeal, and steamy scenes.

I like the new direction this film took. It mirrors the books and works well with the characters getting older. I just wish they didn’t have to alter the plot and cut scenes to make the film. In short, I want more: more topless Harry and more blossoming Hermione, more pubescent fights and emotional outbursts, and more magical duels and good vs. evil. Give me a 4 hour movie. I can take it, I want it! At least put the qudditch back in.