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Me at Platform 9 3/4Saturday I did some sighseeting with Kelsey and Jen again. I met them at their hostel in Greenwich and then travelled up to Camden Town, stopping at King’s Cross on the way to get some pictures at Platform 9 3/4.

Camden Town is one of my favourite places in London. The crazy looking goths and punks, the amazing shops selling anything you want, the hippy attitude, the anti-war protesters, and the fantastic food stalls. After spending another 4 hours there with Kelsey and Jen, I think I’ve now finally seen all of Camden Town (it only took 3 trips). The girls were in shopping crazy. After an hour, I was shopped out and spent the rest of my time people watching, picture taking, and resting under a tree.


About canadianveggie

I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, eating good vegan food, cycling around Vancouver, solving problems with software, learning about urban planning, and discussing politics.

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    Camden Town Locks Dark Side Camden Town Store Signs Psychedelic Volkswagen Beetle Chinese Food Fairy Goth Mother Camden Town Punk Building Reflection World Above and Below
    Camden Town
    Dark Side Shop Fronts Psychedelic
    Food Stall Fairy Goth
    Camden Town
    Reflection in
    the water
    World Above
    and Below