Just a few random notes before the weekend starts.

Happy New Year Ben, Graeme, Ayelet, Gilad and any other Jews lurking on my lj.
Happy 24th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad (it’s today in fact).
Happy first blizzard to everyone fortunate enough to be in Winnipeg. (Suckers)
Happy birthday supertree.

After a super productive week at work last week, this week was a bit slow. Hammered out a few test cases, fixed a few bugs, added a few small features, and generally zoned out while my cold died a slow death. Everyone at work is on call this weekend just in case Delphi busts. Since the traders we support sell Credit Default Swaps (think insurance on bonds), MS is set to make a ton of cash if Delphi declares bankruptcy (doesn’t make sense… but I’ve seen the figures…I guess we buy and sell the insurance) but it’s going to mean a ton of work for everyone recomputing positions. Enough about work though.

The only excitement this week was hanging out with Ariel last night. We grabbed dinner at a Caribbean restaurant in Brixton and then bought a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and spent 2 hours riding around on random buses, tubes, and trains – trying, but failing, to get lost. I think we were trying to be spontaneous, but the thought of really getting lost was to scary. It was fun anyway. Even though we always grabbed the first bus or train available, the end result was we went around in circles for a while never making it too far from Brixton.