I just finished Cryptonicon by Neal Stevenson. Wow! What an amazing book. I was a bit disappointed by the ending (mostly because I didn’t want it to end), but otherwise I enjoyed it tremendously. It’s a bit nerdy, especially the way it tries to relate all social habits to math and computers, but I’m a bit nerdy so it was a good fit.

Thanks erin_noelle for the recommendation. I can see why it’s one of your favourites. It’s definitely one of mine now too. It’s really hard to explain what the book is about – a puzzle-solving drama with a bit of cryptography, world war 2 history, and treasure hunting thrown in. The book has really piqued my interest in the war and the code breaking effort. I’m hoping to get up to Bletchley Park one weekend to check out the memorabilia they have there. For those unaware, Bletchley Park is where most of the Allied code breaking took place during the war – where the Enigmas was broken and other codes deciphered.

Now that I’m done Cryptonomicon I can move on to the 6th Harry Potter book. I’ll start that tomorrow.

I’ve started listening to The Streets – a local band that is actually from Brixton (the neighborhood I live in). There music is awesome. It’s like spoken rap with an English accent that has a plot, and it’s hillarious. Killer! I need to buy there CD.