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Went out with the guys from work again for a poker night yesterday. We went to an upscale pub near work and had a big meal and played poker in a private room in the back. It was really cool. Our group’s manager and his manager were both in London from New York, so they came along and expensed the meal and all the drinks. There were 10 amateur players, so there were a lot of people playing hands and pots averaged around £20. I played smart all night, limited my alcohol intake, and managed to finish the night up £25 (that’s like $60!). I wasn’t the biggest winner, but I was the only one that was consistently up all night. A few more nights like that and I can buy a new digital camera.

The guys gave me a hard time for winning so much. It was really funny because the too big cheeses from New York lost their shirts, while the intern kept taking their money. Dennis joked that maybe now they’ll see me buying lunch instead of packing one every day – but I still like packing my lunch (but maybe not today because I’m running late).