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A quick update on the week that was.

Monday: Miles birthday. Celebrated with chardonnay and Super Size Me.
Tuesday: Poker Night with the guys from work. I broke even for the night. (Alex lost £50! – I wasn’t planning on rebuying if I lost my initial £10)
Wednesday: BUNAC Pub Night. Met a whack of Canadians and Americans who are in London on work visas.
Thursday: Chairman’s Party at work. Free food and drinks. Interesting note: All Morgan Stanley employees are under 35, except the chairman (who’s old). I was told burn-out causes people to leave after 10 years with the company. I enjoyed a glass of red wine and a glass of pims (some weird British alcohol).
Friday: Applied for a bank account in the morning (hopefully now I can get paid). Went to watch Pride and Prejudice with Adam and Ellen in Leicaster Square after work. When we arrive, realized that it doesn’t start until next Friday. Had dinner at an Itallian restaurant and drinks at the Ship and Shovel (beer of choice: Badger Best Bitter.
When I arrived at Leicester Square, I tried to find my camera in my bag, but I couldn’t. I know I had it that morning, because I was snapping pictures while I was on the bus after visiting the bank. I either lost it on the bus, at work, or on the Tube. I’m still trying to find it now, visiting various lost and founds, but no luck yet.
Saturday and Sunday: After losing my camera, I wasn’t in the mood to do anything memorable on the weekend, so I just read, relaxed, and watched the cricket. Cricket is a fabulous, but odd sport. It’s so slow, but exciting.