To celebrate Earth Day, I rode my bike to work today. OK, I admit, I ride my bike to work everyday, but everyday is Earth Day to me. Is anyone doing anything special? I was kind of disappointed I didn’t see more cyclists this morning. There were a few, but not any more than usual. And it was such a beautiful morning too.

So, I ask you all to take some time today to bike, run, walk, rollerblade, or canoe. Just park the car and get some exercise. It will be good for you and the Earth.

Continuing the healthy living theme, on Monday we had our second dodgeball game and on Wednesday I spent a few hours after work playing Ultimate Frisbee. Dodgeball was fun, as usual. I still think it’s the best game ever. We lost to my mentor’s team, which is good because she’s evaluating me for my final review next week. I did get her out three times though. I wasn’t about to take it easier on her. I played well again, but their team was smarter than us overall. Most of my team doesn’t have years of murderball experience, and hence lack the strategy that is only learned from years of studying under great Dodgeball masters, like Mr. Tribula and Mr. Fast.

Ultimate Frisbee was a pleasant surprise. I was planning on playing at lunch hour with the Microsoft club, but I got sidetracked with work. But one of the interns decided to organize a spontaneous (it was still scheduled in Outlook, common we’re still Microsoft employees, that’s as spontaneous as we get) Frisbee get together after work. 4 of us tossed a Frisbee and Aerobee around for an hour, and then a bunch of Microsoft employees showed up and asked if we wanted to play Ultimate. I then played Ultimate for another hour, until I was tired, starving, sweaty, dirty, and thoroughly satisfied.

Ok, one last note about Earth Day and the United States. I read this article U.S. House passes bill that would open Alaska wildlife refuge to oil drilling the other day and it made my blood boil. What the hell is wrong with the politicians in this country? Nevermind they’re allowing oil drilling in a a wildlife refuge, the bill passed includes huge tax cuts for oil companies and incentives to increase burning fossil fuels. “The bill also would funnel more than $12 billion US in tax breaks and subsidies to energy companies. Opponents of the legislation said it would do little to foster less energy use. A proposal to require higher fuel economy for cars was rejected. Because requiring fuel efficient cars might actually help the environment. Can’t have that, now can we.

Not that the Canadian Liberal government’s track record on the environment is much better, but at least they pretend that they’re doing something to help. Their half-assed Kyoto plan was a baby-step in the right direction. It would have been nice to see specific initiatives on renewable energy, tax rebates for hybrid vehicles, sin taxes on big SUVs and other fuel-inefficient cars, a green car strategy with auto manufacturers, and penalties for heavy polluting companies, instead of money put aside to buy credits from other countries. But that would have required the government to grow balls, and if a Liberal government is anything, ballsy isn’t it. And it has nothing to do with the minority government, because the NDP and the Bloc actively support those environmental measures.

In related news, Congratulations Waterloo on your first Smog Day!