It’s been a busy week. I’ll do my best to keep this concise. Right now my goal is to make it through this post without hurling.

Monday night we celebrated indiglo_i‘s birthday at a really nice sushi restaurant in Seattle. I got Greg a pedometer for his birthday – it seemed like a good idea given his attachment to creepy night walks and walking in general. I think he likes it, but I’m not sure if he’s got it working yet. To feed his geek needs, I found one that has a USB cable for uploading his step counts into his computer.

Wednesday sarahrowe and I spent the evening playing board games at Jason’s house. Jason is one of the guys we met while playing boggle at the MSN Search Launch party last week. We played Ticket to Ride and Hex. I wasn’t crazy about Hex, but Ticket to Ride was great.

Thursday night was a double dose of Survivor, as our little clique (indiglo_i, sarahrowe, and myself) got caught up with the last two survivor episodes we had missed. Every week we have been trying to predict the show’s outcomes and assigning points for correctness. After 5 episodes the standings are:

  1. Sarah – 155 pts
  2. Greg – 130 pts
  3. Me – 85 pts

Last night I went to a St. Paddy’s/Gustavo’s Birthday/Nodira’s Birthday Party. In typical Microsoft intern fashion, there were like 30 guys and 6 girls. Two gas cans made an appearance thanks to our good friend Tyler. And I proceeded to get tanked. The poison of choice was beer, punch, sangria, and tequila. My memory is a little spotty, but from what I’ve pieced together the highlights include: showing people my nipples, taking of my shirt and swinging it above my head, screaming “Carpe Diem”, and puking in the sink, toilet, and rose bushes.
After the party, I was too drunk to ride my bike home, so I crashed at Sarah’s place with Greg (who was too drunk to drive his car). I started sleeping on the couch, then fell asleep next to the toilet (I have no memory of this, but they have pictures), and then found an empty bed where I spent the rest of the night.

This morning Greg, Sarah, and I headed down to the IHOP with intentions of settling our stomachs with loads of greasy pancakes. I was only able to eat two pieces of toast and a quarter of my belgian waffle. But on a positive note, I’ve managed to keep it all down so far.