Wednesday night we had an intern event – WhirlyBall. I was really psyched beforehand because it looked like the coolest sport in the world – a little bit of lacrosse mixed with basketball and played in bumper cars. It sounded too good to be true. And it was.

First, the bumper cars were too slow (they need bumper cars like the ones they have in Cuba – man those can move!). And they gave penalties for rear ending other cars and whacking people with your racket, so in the end the team which won was the one which got less penalties. So, if there were faster cars and fewer penalties then maybe it would have lived up to my expectations.

The other crappy part was Casey got a ball in the eye during the first game. Which wasn’t a big deal. It swelled up a bit, and she had to put some ice on it. But she insisted she needed to be taken to the hospital (she was worried about a scratched cornia from a whiffle ball). Greg, being the overly nice guy he is, drove her and missed the rest of the event. Had I been the driver, I would have told her to suck it up, put some ice on it, and quit wasting people’s time with her hypochondria.

I was really peeved that she made such a fuss about it. I just find it annoying when people clog emergency rooms with minor bumps and bruises.

With our chauffeur on ambulance duty, Sarah and I had to find alternate arrangements to make it to the MSN Search Launch Party in downtown Seattle. Luckily Aleem (twisted ankle and all) agreed to drive us to a bus stop. We had to race to catch the bus and ended up cutting it off and boxing it in when it pulled up to a stop, so Sarah and I could get out of the car and onto the bus. That was exciting.

The launch party was lots of fun. A swanky downtown club, free food, open bar, and 200 of the nerdiest people you’ll ever meet. The band sucked (sounded a lot like the B52s which is great, but not fun to dance to), so we ended up chilling on some couches away from the dance floor. Luckily there was lots of alternate entertainment. Mainly a fortune teller, palm reader, and a lipsologist (not sure what that was all about). We also managed to find a bunch of brand new board games sitting out on a table. So, we spent our evening getting plastered on fancy drinks and playing Jenga and Boggle. A perfect evening in my books.

Editor’s Note: Turns out Casey isn’t a hypochondriac after all, and I’m a big loser. I found out later that she has some retina condition that needs attention and she was worried when she was hit by the ball. Luckily, I was right in the end that nothing was wrong (for her sake more than mine). Casey – I’m sorry