Things have quited down here now. My sister left on Thursday morning. I hope she had a good time in nerdland.

Before she left I asked her to write a quick synopsis of her trip for my lj. I was expecting something like:

So, like, my brother invited me to come visit his place in Seattle. So, I went during my reading week. I was so stoked about snowboarding and it was like so fun. But then I had to come home, and I was like “bummer dude”

But to my surprise, I got this amusing account of her visit. I’ve highlighted the relevant parts.

Friday (To Seattle)

Off to the airport. My ride was late picking me up so I made it there just 30
minutes before my plane was scheduled to leave…phew that was close.

Well I’m off on my first trip all by myself. I boarded my small plane to
Calgary ready to go on my crazy milk run. I spent 2 hours in the Calgary
airport, nice airport…..found myself a nice leather chair to sit in and did
some studying and listened to some music. Then flew to Vancouver where I had to
clear customs. Passport was out and ready to go and then I found out I was on
the totally wrong part of the airport and needed to be on the other side to go
to the U.S, so off I was across the airport down another hallway. Collected my
baggage, checked my baggage, through security, passed over my papers, and then
almost trouble free until they found out I had food. Fruit is not allowed
across the boarder as I found out, so the security lady stole my orange …though I bet she just forgot her lunch. Then off to Seattle finally.
Went to board the plane and what a shitty little plane
I had to fly on. It could probably seat 20 people at the max and it was only half full.
I was scared to move as I might tip the plane over. I got on and calmed my
little nerves and the plane got me to Seattle safe and sound.

The coolest part was I got to take a little underground train as soon as I got
off the pane to the mail terminal.. My brother was there to pick me up in his
new spiffy rental car
….and off down the crazy
freeway we went to a party some of his friends were at.
I thought his friends were going to be crazy computer geeks, but not at all.
They were very cool , easy to talk to people….very niceeeeee.
though some of them didn’t even know where Winnipeg was..I though that was
weird I thought everyone knew where Winnipeg was.

We headed home to Christopher’s condo.
What a nice place…2 bedrooms, huge
kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom. It even has 2 balcony’s.

Saturday (snowboarding)

Up at 5:30 and off to meet the other 11 people who were coming snowboarding
with us. We took 3 cars down to Mt.Baker a 2 ½ hour drive to snow. Snowboarded
all day. So much fun. I snowboarded with Sarah for bit until we lost each other
then ended up snowboarding all day by myself. Met up with Christopher for bit
but then ditched him as he couldn’t keep up
Had a couple times where I went over the cliffs and ended up in back country
snowboarding…one time didn’t know where I was and had to hike myself all the
way back up the hill. The slopes weren’t marked very well at the top of the
mountain, so it was just chance that you were on a marked slope. The powder was
unbelievable and I even went into the terrain park and did some table tops and
a rail. Oh yeah, and the ride up on the chairlifts were so scary…..none of the
chairs had safety bars, so it was a long ride up the mountain holding on for
your life. Off we went home. For supper we went into Bellevue and tried to find
Burrito Loco, which closed down…and instead went to another nice Mexican

Sunday( Seattle)

I was off to Seattle with my bro. We took the comfy bus down there. The buses
there are so nice. They had like little luggage racks for your bags, and
reading lights…common reading lights.. It was about a 40 min bus ride. Met up
with his friend Graham and we went and walked around for a bit and headed to
Pike Place. Its like an old market…they have little shops set up everywhere.
and they had this fish place where they were throwing fish around through the
crowds. There was this monk fish that Christopher told me to go look at it, and
the guy working there had this stupid fish on a string and pulled it. I wasn’t
looking at it at the time but saw it in the corner of my eye, and was like ”is
that stupid fish movin?” “holy shit!!!!” ahahahh. And
I jumped and ran away, and everyone laughed at me cause I was the stupid
tourist who fell for that dumb joke.
Then we took a monorail to the
space needle. It’s the tall tower in Seattle…with a
gorgeous view.
Then as we walked along the streets. counting Starbucks…oh my god
1,2,3………89,90….I didn’t know how many there really were…but I bet you we passed
one every block, and on some blocks there were 2..just so you wouldn’t have to
cross the street I guess. I even visited the
original Starbucks. The
they had some crazy street entertainment. like the
clowns, one of which was
playing a saw and a
crazy dancing monkey
it was soooo funny. Then we went to this
…..you have to seee this thing. It was huge
and squirted out water. But the kids there would try too run up to it and touch
it without getting soaked. and it was really funny to watch…
Then we headed home after a long day trip to Seattle.

Monday(Kelsey ventures through Redmond)

Redmond is just the small city Christopher lives in. So I decided since
Christopher had to work, I would just walk around Redmond and explore. So I
found my way to a mall, and shopped around a bit.. stopping off and making some
purchases at Abercrombie and Fitch(didn’t even know that store existed)…Of
course had to go and see Target, even though it just reminded me of Zellers…but
bought Harold and Kumar go to White castle….funny movie if u haven’t seen it.
It was a long day.. It snowed on me, hailed, rained and there was sun for part
of the day too. The weirdest weather I have ever seen. I was exhausted as I
walked everywhere, which I never do and plus everywhere there is
hills…everywhere!!!!! I even took a picture of the hill I had to climb right
before Christopher’s condo…. By the time I got home my feet were so
sore I didn’t move from the couch for an hour. Later that night we went and met
up with about 13 others at the Cheesecake Factory for supper for Valentines

Tuesday( Seattle with Christopher)

Christopher was allowed to take the day off work so we both went to Seattle
again to visit the aquarium. It was very nice..had pools where you could touch
the starfish and, tons of fish, and sea horses. And then they had a bunch of
pools with seat otters and seals which we soooo cute. We spent most of the day
in the aquarium then headed out and found a little fish and chips restaurant on
the harbor. The food was sooo yummy. Then we went and shopped around Seattle.

Wednesday( Kelsey ventures to Bellevue)

Shopping and more shopping. I took the bus down to Bellevue. about a 50 min bus
ride. I shopped around the mall there…the mall is about twice the size of Polo
Park. It was huge. I found a store called Fossil which I blew all my money
at…They really need one here in Canada. Then I went home on the bus, and Greg
came and picked me up at home.. and took my to Christopher’s work. I got a
little tour of Microsoft, ad then we went and picked up Sarah and all went out
for supper. Then we all went back to Microsoft and played ping pong…and had
some free drinks. .wooooh.

Thursday(To Winnipeg)

The shuttle picked me up at 6:00am. So early. And off I was to the airport…I
was very sad to leave cause I was having such a fun time. It so beautiful
there.. and couldn’t complain that it never dropped below 0 there. Off I was
flying to Vancouver on my dinky little plane. But I did meet a nice guy on the
plane who gave me a Maple Leaf V.I.P pass for a lounge in the Vancouver
airport. SO I decided to check it out and to my surprise, I found huge leather
couches, t.v’s, computers, and all the food, and drinks you wanted. And yes…..
even free alcohol which I did take advantage of. So that made my 5 hour wait in Vancouver go by much faster and off
I was to Winnipeg.

So now I’m back safe and sound in Winnipeg, and am looking forward to picking
up my parents on Sunday when they come back from the Dominican. Now I’m not mad
that I chose Seattle over the Dominican cause it
was one of the best trips I have ever been on.
The highlight was
defiantly snowboarding hands down. Now I’ll be back to University on Monday and
getting ready for my exams coming up. Hopefully I can go visit him again
wherever he decides to work for his next term,…. if he wants me back . Thanks again Christopher!!!