Or Happy Family Day to all you in lovely Alberta πŸ˜‰

What a great weekend. I did squat. It’s about time I had a weekend to just veg.

Friday night Greg, Sarah, and I went out to a fancy Italian restaurant. You know your at a classy joint when the waiter can spend 10 minutes pointing out the differences in two bottles of wine on a 10 page wine menu. Luckily Sarah was able to talk shop with the waiter as Greg and I tried to appear as un-smuck-like as possible. Not an easy task, considering I had just worked out, was wearing a baseball hat to hide my messy hair, and hadn’t shaved in days. The food was amazing. And the place was packed with couples on romantic dinners. I felt a little out of place. We managed to spend $150 on dinner.

The rest of the weekend was spent getting acquainted with my laptop and playing video games.

Today, was a weird day. I spent 30 minutes waiting for my bus this morning. Took me a that long to figure out the busses were running on Sunday schedules.
The flu is rampant in my team. My mentor only came in for an hour today for a meeting, and sounded like she was dying. And one of the PMs teleconferenced in from home because he’s sick too.
I went to the company store today and bought a wireless mouse for my laptop. Prices there are sooo cheap. Who wants XBox games for their birthday? Also bought some Microsoft logo goodies. πŸ™‚