I had my first encounter of the Bill kind today. I was 4 feet away from him! I think I’m the first intern to see him. Greg works in the same building as him, and the closest he’s come is a run-in with the security team that watches Bill’s parking spot.

This morning, the MSN Search team got pictures taken with Bill. Supposedly it’ll be sent out in a newswire with a press release. When I get a hold of it I’ll post it.

The encounter was kind of comical. They spent 30 minutes arranging our team (about 100 people) around an MSN Search banner, then Bill walked in, waved at us, stood in the middle for a few pictures, and walked out. He didn’t even say a word. Maybe it wasn’t even Bill, but some robot clone they use for menial events. Maybe…

But anyway, I got to see Bill. He kind of looked like Mr. Roger’s, with the blue sweater he was wearing. It’s weird to think how much the man is worth, and yet he still looks like a nerd. šŸ™‚

The other day I was wandering around downtown Seattle with Greg and Jennifer and looking at all the fancy stores and I realized that one day I might be rich (not Bill rich, but Tech jobs pay well enough), but I’ll never be classy enough to spend my money in places like that. Which is fine, there are too many other cool, nerdy things to spend money on, like a pinball machine. I’d love to have a pinball machine. I wonder how many pinball machines Bill has?