Since I’m writing this right now, you are correct in assuming I survived my first day. I had just written a comprehensive report about the exciting parts of it, but IE just crashed on me. It’s good to know that even at Microsoft IE still crashes. On the bright side, you know get to read the abridged version of my first day.

So, yesterday was New Employee Orientation (NEO). Supposedly every Monday they have a NEO for about 50 people. That’s 50 new people at Microsoft every day. When I stop and realize there are 27,000 MS employees right here in the Seattle area, that’s not that surprising anymore.

NEO wasn’t that eventful. They threw a lot of info at us, gave us ID badges, and fed us really well. Some interesting tidbits: They don’t like open source software. “Microsoft Married” = my favourite phrase of the day. This place is huge! There are 83 buildings here in the Seattle area with shuttles that run between them.

After NEO we were supposed to get in contact with our managers and setup our offices. I couldn’t get ahold of my manager by phone, so I decided to drive down to my building. I’m working in Redmond West, which is about 10 minutes away from the main campus and is where all the MSN teams are.

My manager wasn’t there, so I wandered around and then headed back to Greg’s building so we could go drop off my rental car and pick up his. He was busy meeting with his team and told me I was on my own. So, I lost my ride back home and Greg lost his ride to the car rental place. But I needed to return the car, so I went off anyway. Luckily Avis has a guy who drives people around and he drove me back home.

Now, I still hadn’t met my manager or anyone on my team, so I was starting to worry. But if I went back to work, I had no way of getting back home. I figured I’d call from home and straighten everything out.

When I got home, I realized I forgot my keys. I tried finding a hidden spare key everywhere, but no dice. I even considered breaking in through the balcony in the back, but there were too many neighbours by their windows. So, I left Greg a note and went shopping. I also called my manager from a payphone – still no answer, so I asked her to call me at home.

When I got back around 6:00, still no Greg. So I wandered around the back again. It was dark now and there were fewer neighbours by their windows. I really didn’t want a run in the with the local police, but I was getting hungry, so I decided to do my best commando routine and scale the wall. I managed to jump up and grab the bottom of the balcony railings and somehow pull myself up and over the railing. Then I quickly opened our balcony door and disappeared inside.

Before I could celebrate my daring entrance, the phone rang. I had been caught…Actually it was my manager. She was sick all day and had just got into work. After talking to her for a bit, I hung up and started to make dinner. Then the phone rang again. Greg this time. So, in the end no police.

OK. That wasn’t that abridged. But I did have to retype it.