2nd Day of Work

OK. I’ll keep it brief this time. I promise (Greg will be here in 5 minutes to pick me up so I have no choice).

My day so far has been a mixed bag. I got toured around and introduced to everyone. I found out what I’m working on – I’m doing work on developing tools for monitoring and simulating events on NewsBot (time to learn C# and .net). I had a good chat with Pat Copeland, the guy who interviewed me in Waterloo – he has big expectations for me. I had some problems setting up my computer – the first one had a bad video card. And yes, sadly I only have one computer ( I think Greg has 3 ), but it is a dual Xeon ( = really, really, fast). I share an office with a delightful chap named Lei. MSN must be a crowded place because a ton of people including my mentor are sharing offices. And I got to party this afternoon because MSN Search went live today. At 2:30 we got to shoot of little firecrackers and streamers into the lobby from the 3rd floor and watch as the team leads were all dunked in the pond outside. And there were complimentary snacks, beer, and wine.

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