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I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, eating good vegan food, cycling around Vancouver, solving problems with software, learning about urban planning, and discussing politics.

Living Like the Jetsons – Rosie the Roomba

I’ve outsourced my duties as Official Floor Cleaner to Rosie, a Roomba 770 we named after the robotic maid on The Jetsons. With two cats, keeping the fur balls under control is a full-time job. Rosie is temperamental, but our … Continue reading

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Cat Lake Camping

My wife and I’s first camping trip together was to a little forestry campsite just north of Squamish. I have fond memories of that trip. I remember a tranquil lake, quiet isolated sites, and cooking great food over a campfire. … Continue reading

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Cycling the Sea to Sky Highway

I can’t believe how many people cycle along the narrow shoulders of the Sea-to-Sky highway. A foam helmet and a narrow rumble strip seem inadequate for protection from the cars passing at 100 km/h. Plus the shoulders are littered with … Continue reading

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J’adore Montréal – Top 10 Reasons

There are so many things to love about Montreal Awesome vegan restaurants Separated bike lanes and BIXI Pedestrian streets Festivals Patios Complete bilingualism – including Shakespeare in the Park Parklets and street reclaiming Public markets like Jean Talon Old buildings … Continue reading

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Cycling in Montreal

After spending 3 days cycling through Montreal, I have to admit they are years ahead of Vancouver. For only $15, I picked up a 3-day BIXI pass and used it to zoom around the city. I was impressed with how … Continue reading

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Rand Paul and the Scariest Email I’ve Ever Read

Rand Paul recently penned an excellent op-ed in Time Magazine arguing against the militarization of police forces. It reminded me of the email I got from Rand Paul last month. It was sent to me in error and it had … Continue reading

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Eating Vegan in Montreal

On our recent trip to Montreal we were delighted to discover that the city is a hotbed for vegan cuisine. Who knew? We had a chance to eat at six vegetarian restaurants (five of them strictly vegan), with a long … Continue reading

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